Executive Summary

This adopted Rural West Edinburgh Local Plan brings the planning framework for this strategically important area up to date. It replaces the previous adopted local plan for Queensferry, Newbridge/Kirkliston/Ratho and Currie/Balerno, and the Pentland Hills Regional Park Subject Local Plan. The plan implements the Edinburgh and the Lothians Structure Plan 2015 and, in particular, its proposal for a core development area at Newbridge/Kirkliston/Ratho.

The most significant land use change is the identification of seven housing sites to meet the emerging structure plan's requirement to find land for 1,000 new houses in the Newbridge/ Kirkliston/Ratho area. Most of the proposed land is in or to the north of Kirkliston. The plan does not incorporate any implications of possible Airport expansion. These will be considered through a review of the West Edinburgh Planning Framework, which may in turn require an alteration to this local plan.

The Context and Strategy chapter sets out the plan's approach and accords with the strategy of the new structure plan and the Scottish Executive's West Edinburgh Planning Framework. It also flows from the Council's own overarching policy aims, as expressed in the City Plan, 'One City' and other documents.

The Environment chapter has policies to ensure changes to the green and urban environment are sustainable. The emphasis is firmly on general development restraint and, where development is being promoted, the need for good quality design. New policies to deal with flood risk and waste disposal are included.

The Housing chapter has been informed by the City Housing Strategy and, in addition to allocating land for new housing development, includes clear policy guidance on delivering much needed affordable housing and securing developer contributions.

The Economic Development chapter earmarks the Gogarburn site for nationally important single-user business development and provides a planning basis for the emergence of Newbridge as an important office and light industrial focus. It includes new arrangements for airport public safety zones and reflects the approved Riccarton campus masterplan.

The Transport chapter safeguards land for potential new rail stations,the tram route to the Airport and Newbridge, and a route for the new A8000 road scheme. It also allocates a new site at Ingliston for a park & ride facility. References are included to national exercises considering how Edinburgh Airport might grow and new road, tram and rail links to the airport and through the A8 corridor.

Overall, this adopted local plan has the pursuit of sustainable development at its heart and strikes a sensible balance between protecting valued environmental resources and promoting appropriate strategic and local growth.

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